Feel free to contact or visit us in any of the following ways!

Church office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Church office

(330) 467-3169


Wanda Jesson, Secretary – Ext. 401, Email: wjesson@umcofmacedonia.org

Rev. Russ Ham, Senior Pastor – Ext. 406, Email: rham@umcofmacedonia.org

Rev. Charlie Tobias, Visitation Pastor - Ext 404, Email: ctobias@umcofmacedonia.org

Cathy Miller, Christian Education Director – Ext. 407, Email: cmiller@umcofmacedonia.org

Jill Marlow, Treasurer – Ext. 408, Email: jmarlow@umcofmacedonia.org

Anthony Bianchi, Music Director – Ext. 412, Email: abianchi@umcofmacedonia.org

Children's Ministry - Ext 401

General Information: Email: wjesson@umcofmacedonia.org


Our facility is accessible to those who are mobility handicapped.